Financial startup launched by market profesionals

HiJoJo Partners is a financial startup created by industry insiders with backgrounds in trading, investment banking, systems development, and regulatory/compliance.

Accelerating innovation through capital commitment

HiJoJo Partners seeks enhanced return on investment through partnerships with transformative companies and an emphasis on value co-creation.


HiJoJo Partners creates funds that offer investment opportunities in global pre-IPO companies at various stages of their life-cycle.


HiJoJo Partners’ principal objective via fund creation is capital appreciation through a unique model of network-driven value co-creation in next generation mid-to-late stage pre-IPO companies.


Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have detailed knowledge regarding sensible startup investment practices. We are intertwined with investment banks and asset management companies. We utilize each and every connection within our network of promising startup investors and entrepreneurs, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide expert consulting for your aspiring startup investments. We mainly identify new opportunities within the United States, Israel and Japan.


For investment professionals, we provide discretionary investment operations, as well as investment advice, with respect to pre-IPO investments.


HiJoJo Partners actively pursues investments in transformative start-ups.  We are dedicated to helping our portfolio companies succeed.


HiJoJo Partners provides Japan focused management and business support utilizing its extensive network of corporate relationships, regulatory expertise and experience in:

  • Accessing alternative financing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Identifying business opportunities
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Planning and procurement
  • Implementation



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HiJoJo Partners was founded by industry insiders with backgrounds in trading, investment banking, systems administration, and regulatory/compliance.


Norifumi Akiyama
Executive Officer of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

“Mizuho Securities aims to expand the fund-business globally through investing our own money and to provide high-quality services by offering more guidance on top of distributing information and sophisticated analysis.

We have already conducted various collaborations with HiJoJo Partners in the past. Through this Series A investment, we would like to further deepen our cooperation as a partner, seeking new financial possibilities such as in the FinTech industry and strive to develop the financial market. ”Excerpt from our press release "Completion of Series A Funding"

Hiroyuki Shinshiba
President of Okasan Securities Group Inc.

“The Okasan Securities Group owns several securities, such as face-to-face, online, and asset management, with a purpose to respond to the various needs of each customer in detail and contribute to their investments.

With that perspective, we believe HiJoJo Partners is a pioneer in offering new options to invest in middle and late-stage companies from overseas and play a great role by offering investment opportunities that are difficult for investors in Japan to obtain.

The environment for investing in unicorn companies has recently changed drastically from the effect of Coronavirus. However, especially in times like this where the future is very unpredictable, it is important to closely keep an eye out on this next era.

With these unique challenges that companies may face with the ‘new normal’ after the pandemic, we hope to further contribute to providing services and products to even more investors. ”Excerpt from our press release "Completion of Series A Funding"

Oki Matsumoto
Chairman and CEO of Monex Group, Inc.

“Since our founding, we have been the first internet securities company to undertake independent lead management of an IPO, start a stock lending service, as well as overseas stocks to enhance our products, services, and information. In addition to enhancing our services, we have been fully involved in improving the investment activity environment for individual investors, such as playing an important role in introducing the unit share system.

With HiJoJo Partners' main focus on unicorn companies, we believe that this company is one of the few players who can access unlisted stocks, which are of great interest to investors. Their corporate philosophy matches our spirit of this challenge, and we have great confidence that we can open up new markets together. ”Excerpt from our press release "Completion of Series A Funding"


HiJoJo Partners Inc.
Azabu-juban Takagi Bldg 7F, 2-20-7, Azabu-juban,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045
November 2017
50,000,000 JPY
Spyridon Mentzas
Registration Number
Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 3065
Registration of Financial Instruments and Exchange Operations
  • ‍Type II Financial Instruments Business,
  • Investment Advisory and Agency Business,
  • Investment Management Business
Association Membership
  • ‍Type II Financial Instruments Firms AssociationJapan
  • Investment Advisers Association