Second Fund 23andMe Complete

Successfully raised 1.1b Yen from institutional investors and corporates.

HiJoJo Partners has successfully completed distribution of its second fund.  The unique investment opportunity which closed in December was in the exciting genetics and research platform, 23andMe.

The direct-to-cap table transaction puts HiJoJo Partners and its investors alongside global leaders in VC and PE such as Sequoia and Fidelity as well as big pharma (Glaxo, Johnson & Johnson, etc).  HiJoJo and its investors are excited to be part of this opportunity in cutting-edge and transformative technology.

About 23andMe, Inc

23andMe is an operator of a consumer genetics and research platform designed to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. The company’s consumer genetics and research platform provide web-based interactive tools for individuals to learn and explore their own genetic information through DNA analysis technologies, enabling users to gain deeper insights into personal ancestry, genealogy and inherited traits. (Source: PitchBook Data Inc.)

HiJoJo Partners Closes Successful Distribution of First Fund

HiJoJo Partners Inc (Tokyo, CEO: Spyridon Mentzas), which invests in unlisted shares of next generation companies, has completed distribution of its first fund on August 31st in Social Finance, Inc. (“SoFi”), one of the leading US FinTech startups. Investor demand was strong against the minimum launch amount of 500 million yen in the two-week subscription period with 1.3 billion yen gathered. The unique opportunity had Japanese investors and institutions bidding for the full amount.

Founded in the US in 2011, SoFi is a provider of social financial solutions intended to provide lending and wealth management. The company’s services include online banking, personal, mortgage and student loans, as well as refinancing, wealth management and life insurance, enabling members to receive a lower interest rate based on their unique criteria that includes: career experience, monthly income, financial history and education. As a unicorn company and one of the world’s top FinTech companies, SoFi is valued at 4.4 billion usd or roughly 500 billion yen.

HiJoJo Partners specializes in identifying attractive investment opportunities in middle-to-late stage pre-IPO companies globally. Backed by pioneering achievements in domestic and foreign stock markets and its strong network of entrepreneurs and investors, HiJoJo is uniquely positioned to challenge the existing investment landscape in Japan and offer liquidity provisions for both supply and demand.

Spyro’s comments on the Nikkei (leading Japanese newspaper)

Spyro’s comments were listed in an article about Keisuke Honda’s new fund.
In the U.S., there are various financing providers that support the growth of private companies. The presence of markets in the U.S. that can trade unlisted stocks such as the Nasdaq Private Market plays a big role. Spyridon Mentzas, CEO of HiJoJo Partners Inc aiming to open a private market in Japan says, “these markets play a role as a cradle for nurturing the growth of startups.”
Finding promising private companies requires connections and networks. The earlier the investment stage, the more difficult it becomes for Japanese and foreigners to enter. This is the difficult world of investing, Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda’s new venture capital fund, The Dreamers Fund intends to raise $100 million for investments in startups, and to cut into the closed world of the Japanese financial system and provide opportunities to investors.

Keisuke Honda’s challenge to a closed world

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