Founder / CEO

Spyridon Mentzas

Spyro began his career as a programmer at Salomon Brothers, Asia in 1995 where he launched the global program trading desk for equities. In 2007, he partnered with Mizuho Securities as a consultant overseeing the firm’s success in algorithmic and high frequency trading. In 2010 he was appointed Co-Head of Equities and Deputy Global Head of Pan Asian Equities for Mizuho. In 2016, he joined the principal investment department expanding into the FinTech ecosystem, running due diligence and valuation modeling of venture capital firms and startups globally and connecting them to various institutional investors, mainly in Japan. In 2017, he founded HiJoJo Partners.
Spyro graduated Columbia University with a degree in Engineering & Management Systems.
Co-Founder / Managing Director and Head of Sales

Tomohiko Hamada

Tomohiko joined Salomon Brothers, Asia in 1991 as an arbitrage trader in Equity Derivatives. He then worked to develop, promote and implement a global program trading system for them. In 2000, at Credit Suisse First Boston, he joined the Global Portfolio Trading Group as Head of Japan and was responsible for rolling out new trading systems and developing new business with institutional investors. He is a pioneer in algorithmic trading, dark pool venues and advanced trading strategies. He has been a consultant at Simplex Inc. since 2011. He co-founded HiJoJo Partners in 2017.

Tomohiko graduated Chuo University with a degree in Law.

Co-Founder / Managing Director and Head of Systems and Consulting

Hidekazu Sugiura

Hidekazu began his career at Fujitsu in 1997 in international sales and subsequently transferred to the Systems Development department designing back office systems for securities firms. In 2003, he joined CLSA and was responsible for leading the firm’s adoption of new equity trading systems. In 2005 he joined Simplex Inc. as project manager and successfully led large scale projects including the advancement of equity trading systems for top-tier securities firms and the development of the Osaka Securities Exchange OSE-FX Exchange Trading System. In 2016, he launched Japan’s first inter-broker dark pool solution. He joined HiJoJo Partners in June 2018 as a founding member.
Hidekazu graduated Aoyama Gakuin University with a degree in International Politics, Economics & Communication.
Director, Investment Advisory

Geoff Macdonald

Geoff began his career at a market making firm in the US during the .com bubble and moved to Japan in 1999 with Barclays Capital as a trader for the Equity Finance/Delta1 group. In 2004 he joined Mizuho Securities covering major international hedge funds as a salestrader for Japanese equities. In 2007 Geoff joined Nomura securities where he ran international salestrading following the Lehman and Instinet acquisitions. 2014 saw Geoff return to Mizuho Securities where he ran international salestrading globally. HiJoJo Partners welcomed Geoff in 2018.
Geoff has a BA in History and Psychology from Rutgers University.

Kotaro Yamazawa

Kotaro joined the Bank of Japan in 1980 and was later appointed Manager of Personnel Division for the Corporate Affairs Department, ultimately being appointed the Head of a subsidiary branch of the Bank of Japan. From 2006, he was seconded to the Osaka Securities Exchange as a senior executive officer. In 2013 Kotaro became a Senior executive officer of Japan Exchange followed by a role as director of the Osaka Exchange in 2015. He currently holds positions at the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) as a board member and at AEON Financial Services as an external auditor as well as various advisory roles at established Japanese corporations.
Kotaro graduated University of Tokyo with a Law degree.

Stelios Moussis

Stelios started his career in the European Union External Trade Directorate in 1994. He joined to DDB-Hoche in Brussels and Paris as an attorney in 1998 and then to Alstom as Contract Manager in 1999. In 2004, he joined Anderson Mori & Tomotsune (Tokyo) as Senior Foreign Counsel and subsequently British American Tobacco Japan as Head of Legal. In 2012 he co-founded Xgemina, a HK FinTech startup and its subsidiary, Tortuga Mobile. Since 2014 Stelios has been a member of the management team and General Counsel of Alibaba Group’s Lazada Malaysia and Lazada Express, a leading e-commerce and logistics platform serving a population of 640 million in South East Asia.
Stelios graduated King’s College London, University of London, LLM

Chris Napoli

Chris currently serves as the Head of Global Trading for EastBay Asset Management, LLC, a hedge fund in New York that manages over $1 billion in assets invested in the technology, media, consumer and disruptive tech sectors globally. Prior to joining EastBay, Chris co-headed International & cross-asset trading encompassing global equity, FX, fixed income, futures, and derivatives for Diamondback Capital’s center book. Prior to Diamondback, Chris worked as a Fixed Income trader for Incapital’s Treasury Alternative/Government Agency & Rates teams. Chris began his career at Merrill Lynch in the associate program. He played 5 seasons for the Miami Hurricanes Football team.
Chris graduated with a BBA from the University of Miami in 2005 and earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Miami Graduate School of Business in 2007.

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